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"Platzner's" method of total comprehension targets the answer to all questions before a client has the opportunity to pose the problem. State of the art market research, marketing strategies and analysis, consulting services and legalalities, thoroughly mixed with creative thinking, provides intelligent solutions. Managed by a large, professionally qualified staff who is married to their confrere, not only nationwide, but throughout the international community, using new millennium technology, clients are astounded at the completeness and thoroughness of the results.

When all of the functional ingredients are melded in with the specialists in construction, project management, consultation, finance and real estate asset management, the result is an unbeatable recipe for the appetite of satisfaction.


Carry this equation through the Industrial Division, adding the expertise in warehousing, factory location, rail sidings, dockage, zoning, community relations, plant design, plant layout and production flow, "Platzner" can cure any industrial Indigestion.


The HHH Office Structure"Platzner" does not tinker with a perfect equation. The Commercial Division operates on the same wavelength as the Industrial Division and with the same results. It is a repetition of a successful pattern that has been documented during the discussion "Platzner Who" and "History of Platzner". It is within this Division's scope of performance to satisfy the needs and desires of our equity clientele. Through the use of all the fully described tools of a "Platzner" operation, including studies that will show growth and changing markets as well as full environmental reporting, acquisitions are monitored on a daily basis. A "Platzner" core working area is their proven record of using specialty buildings, functionally obsolete structures, abandoned properties and all categories of lost, forgotten, or misunderstood real estate and retool and recycle them for the equity market. Over the years this has been one of their most successful adventures.

R E T A I L & O F F I C E

These two departments are also part of the Commercial Division and function within the same methodology. Their success has been in a heretofore neglected area - tenant relocation. Due to involuntary property conversion, clients have been placed in a state of crisis. Good examples being condemnation and foreclosure. "Platzner" maintains a constant vigilance for those tenancies that require immediate assistance during such trying experiences. Both retail and office requests are processed using all of the various site, investment, market and availability analysis' that successfully completes the projected objective.


"Platzner" has been performing in the residential area since the sixties when they began acquiring high rise apartment buildings throughout the New York area. In partnership with a large law firm, they had amassed upwards of 5,000 units. This became the vehicle to provide a service for corporate relocation. The increase in the housing market added Condo/Co-op units, both for lease as well as sale. Since the late 80's "Platzner"Marina's Edge has been also specializing in the acquiring or disposing of high end single family residences from Westchester County, N.Y. to Beverly Hills, California to the French Riviera. With the advent of ECommerce and the mobility of business, "Platzner" has now included residential of all kinds. Single family, Corporation REO, Co-op/Condo, vacation homes, golf or waterfront living, retirement communities and assisted living units. "Platzner" will provide total assistance for all seniors requiring not-for-profit housing. Such assistance is provided nationally at absolutely no cost whatsoever. "Platzner" enjoys a nationally acclaimed reputation for voluntary service as chairman, director, etc. of several premier not-for-profit institutions serving the elderly.

It is a "Platzner" practice not to fill pages upon pages with pictures showing residences. We do not adhere to a practice that accomplishes very little. "Platzner" will immediately respond to a housing request to sell, buy or lease. However, we will limit the available items to those that are within your parameters. Clients are most appreciative when brokers use their knowledge and experience to satisfy the clients' needs and not to justify a brokers' existence. "Platzner" is a full membership firm with the National Association of Realtors as well as a full Multiple Listing Service subscriber.

For Commercial/Industrial:
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Merrick J. Platzner, Division Manager
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Sharon G. Cutler, Rental Coordinator
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Senior Housing:
Herbert B. Platzner, Chair, United Geriatric Center N.Y. Pres Morse Geriatric Center, Fla
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By phone: New York State - 914-235-7770
Fax: 914-235-1037

All other areas- 800-448-9536

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