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The Platzner History

The historical information concerning the "PLATZNER" rise to its pinnacle of success, is now being documented in a book, soon to be published and titled: 'THANK YOU GREAT GRANDFATHER'.

1920's... A fighter and cab driver after World War1, Joe Platzner tried the brokerage business and found himself specializing in the selling, leasing and managing of public garages throughout New York City under the trade name, Garage Trading Corporation. The depression brought foreclosures throughout the garage industry and resulted in the early...

1930's... of the appointment by the Albany Savings Bank, the new owner of the majority of New York public garages, of "Platzner" as managing agent of hundreds of garage buildings.

1930's - 40's... "Platzner" began converting garages into much needed defense and postwar factories. At the outset of the war, by federal government mandate, "Platzner" was commissioned by the taxi industry, dominated by National Transportation Corp. and Parmelee Taxi, to remove four out of five taxicabs from the streets of New York for the duration. "Platzner" housed over five thousand cars during that period.


Late 1940's - 50's & 60's... by then known as the Jos. G. Platzner Company and joined in the firm by sons Herbert and Daniel, "Platzner" became the City's largest industrial broker representing firms like RCA, Nabisco, Loral Electronics, Farberware, National Shoes, New York Telephone Company, Consolidated Laundries, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, VW, Sunoco, Shell, Standard Oil, etc. They became the brokers of choice for companies seeking automobile showrooms and service stations for new cars, for taxi operations and for gasoline service stations. This period also saw the advent of their expertise in construction management, working with builders and governmental agencies after successfully completing a new Social Security Administration office building and constructing gasoline stations for Sun Oil, Shell and Socony.

1960's and 1970's... brought about their ability to handle volume appraisal work for the majority of New York banks and attorneys representing estates. They became leading syndicators of real estate under an affiliate, Platzner-Zuckerman, Inc. and formed a secondary finance company, Trio Investors, making bridge loans for new construction of office buildings and apartment houses. They formed an allied company aptly named The Gem Business Brokers, Inc as well as the Platzner Insurance Corp. representing many of the larger insurance companies as insurance agents serving the real estate community exclusively.

1970's, 80's and 90's... became the entrance for the third generation, namely Corey, Harrin and Merrick, sons of Herbert. During these years they controlled or managed over 10,000,000 square feet of Co-op and Condo units. They were involved in billions of dollars of sales and leases and were, and still are associated with many Co-op/Condo conversions. The 90's has put the organization in the forefront of alliances with hundreds of not-for-profit corporations, working very closely with their officers and directors. The years of a profitable economy has greatly enhanced the residential division's sales and leasing departments.

The new millennium promises to take "PLATZNER" to even greater heights. With the construction of a new 40,000 square foot office building now on the drawing board, further achievements in their new home will be boundless.Artist rendering of new Platzner building



Joseph G. Platzner, Founder  1896-1972 
Daniel R. Platzner   1928-1976 
Jeffry S. Platzner  1956-1996 


Herbert B. Platzner 1923 Chair,Emeritus 
Corey J. Platzner   1954 CEO 
Harrin K. Platzner  1959 COO
Sharon G. Cutler  1950 Director 
Merrick J. Platzner  1966 Director 


Jared J. Cutler  University of Arizona 
Casey S. Cutler  University of West Va. 


Barrett K. Platzner 1983
Brooke D. Platzner 1991 
Jason G. Platzner 1993
Nathaniel R. Platzner  1998 

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