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Physically located on earth in in the State of New York, at the center of intelligence in the City of New Rochelle, at the Intermodal Transportation Center, entrance to the entire Solar System, with connections throughout the Galaxy. Together with a convenient location in the sun drenched playland of the world's rich and famous, Palm Beach County, Florida.

Years of solid experience in all areas of the Real Estate profession, is our road to the solutions of your dilemas.

Since 1920, when Joseph G. Platzner decided to become a Real Estate broker, the name "Platzner" has become an integral part of the New York real estate scene.

The success of "Platzner" has been rooted in their consummate expertise, spread over three generations, and has earned them the status of a premier firm. For almost 80 years they have maintained their mission of superior personal service. Family owned and operated for the past eight decades, they have earned the reputation of being a complete full service Real Estate Organization. "Platzner" is one of New York's largest privately owned, non-franchised and non-partnership diluted company, offering a complete range of commercial, industrial and residential services. "Platzner" is linked to a fraternity of compeers, domestic and international, experienced in all of the profession's disciplines.

Spinoza - 17th Century Philosopher

Fame is not important. People can forget all about you and you have nothing.

Power is not important. You can be deposed and reduced to servitude.

Wealth is not important. It can be stolen away or confiscated.

What is important is what no one can ever take from you: your experience, your memories, your integrity, and your joy in the vast wonder of the universe.



Starting April 20, 2022, every real estate broker operating within the State of New York must post such standardized operating procedures on each publicly available website and mobile device application they maintain. Additionally, each publicly available website and mobile device application operated by an associated agent or “team” of such broker, must have posted their broker’s standardized operating procedures or a direct link to such information on their broker’s website. Brokers must keep an archive of all standardized procedures, for as long as they are actively licensed, by having each amendment date stamped and notarized. All new procedures must be posted and made available, at each brokerage office and online, within 30 days of any changes. Real estate brokers are not, however, required to file their standardized operating procedures with the Department of State.

In accordance with Chapter 153 of the Laws of 2022, effective April 20, 2022: “Each real estate broker shall institute standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers must meet prior to receiving any services. Such standardized operating procedures shall include but not be limited to the following: (i) whether prospective clients shall show identification; which identification shall not be necessary until a transaction becomes accepted;  (ii) whether an exclusive broker agreement is required; an exclusive agreement is not required for a purchaser; (iii) whether                 pre-approval for a mortgage loan is required; pre-approval for funding is not a requirement but is “suggested.”


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