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"Platzner" defines Real Estate management as maximizing an investment potential. To do so, one must have the proper perspective. There are those who will say "we think like owners". "Platzner" has been managing many millions of dollars of Real Estate as part of their portfolio. They have a long history as managers in both commercial and industrial properties. They do not have to pretend to think like owners, they are owners. All of "Platzner" properties are successful operations that have attained positive industry recognition. "Platzner" manages the property of others just as if they were "Platzner's" own buildings. What "Platzner" does for themselves, they do for others. With the staying power of 80 years, "Platzner" must be doing something right.

Through their affiliate, Platzner Management Co., Inc., their services are not limited to the every day management theory. "Platzner" uses their entrepreneurial expertise and their innate creativity to clear away the abstract and position the asset where revenues and property values are increased.

The accumulation of "Platzner's" vast knowledge in Real Estate law in appraising real estate, in marketing, in leasing, in financing, in repairing and maintaining property, is available to those who require such an array of talent.

"Platzner's" commitment to excellence has been recognized by the Institute of Real Estate Management, which bestowed the prestigious designation of CPM on Herbert B. Platzner, in recognition of their demanding qualifications of stability, performance and accountability.

The ability to understand marginal properties, the ability to correct functional obsolescence,the ability to correct the utilization of properties, the ability to forecast the real estate future for individual buildings are the abilities that make "Platzner" a property manager by design and not by accident.

The current portfolios of millions of square feet of multi-family high rise, garden apartments, retirement communities, warehouses, retail properties, Cond/Co-op complexes is only proof of thousands of satisfied clients. Using an advanced comprehensive reporting system, an in-house construction team and a group of highly trained specialists covering engineering, environmental issues, community relations, rental evaluators and turn around management, "Platzner" has designed a management program that has made them the envy of the profession. Lawyers have found them invaluable in foreclosure, evictions and condemnation proceedings. Due to "Platzner's" high profile in Real Estate, their purchasing power for supplies, equipment and professional services produces a savings that is passed along to their clients.

Platzner picAn area of extreme specialization is "Platzner's" approach to the management of large Co-op or Condo residential complexes. Due to the existence of Board of Directors in every instance, management is on a Corporate level. However, "Platzner" insists that all such plans are to be supervised by top level management on a daily basis and on a personal level.

The Biltmore 4784Service is provided twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year. The entire "Platzner" staff is equipped, and therefore tied together, by the nationwide wireless service of Nextel. Phones are kept in service 24 hours a day. Emergency situations are attended to within minutes of notification. All supervisory personnel that are on a client's payroll are also provided for within the "Platzner" communication network. Therefore, the entire "Platzner" population, people and property, are wired together, twenty four hours a day.

Management Services:

Physical - prevention, emergency, and daily activity.
Annual budget preparation.
Costing out capital improvements.
Review and filing tax assessment reductions.
Payroll, accounts payable.
Billing, collection and reporting.
Collection delinquent accounts.
Reviewing and restructuring mortgage debt.
Community relations.
Monthly operating reporting.
List of Vendors and selection.
Weekly on-site inspections

Division Coordinator:

Harrin K. Platzner

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