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Since 1920, "Platzner" has meant commercial Real Estate in New York. Through three generations they have served as Brokers, Consultants, Evaluators, Builders, Managers and the suppliers of Real Estate instinct and insight second to none. They have consistently maintained their superiority in the commercial and industrial fields. They are superbly staffed with consultants in the legal, financial and building trades.Their state of the art offices mix technology with years of experience, resulting in the development of market research and strategy through creative thinking.railroad "Platzner" maintains a specialty division for acquisition and development, in all areas, of commercial and industrial real estate, with a turn-around talent for sub-standard properties. Over the years they have been cited as #1 by the local Board of the National Association of Realtors for their ingenuity in creative deals. They have successfully recycled three New York theaters, four obsolete bowling alleys, one failed urban public swimming club, an operating New Haven Railroad Station, three houses of Worship, and hundreds of thousands of square feet of automotive buildings. All of the properties converted into successful commercial or industrial ventures.

The list of "Platzner" clients is a Who's Who of the nation's leading corporations, financial institutions and governmental agencies. Their management has been diverse and has involved in excess of ten million square feet. Over the years "Platzner" has managed or operated properties in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Florida. At least one or more of its principals holds a license in New York, Florida, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Whether you're a small business, a national concern or a multi-national company, "Platzner" will provide the answers. The integrity that 80 successful years brings with it, is fiercely held by those "Platzners" that carry on the tradition, "EXCELLENCE CAN BE IMPROVED UPON". Both top and middle management have a dedicated Platzner in a hands on position. The uniqueness of the firm is that it has not and never will succumb to the pressure of selling out, partnering or franchising, thus preserving the reason for its existence.

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